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List of VPS plans
Supplier Plan Location(s) OS choice RAM (Mb) Disk (Gb) Xfer (Gb) $/mo €/mo
Inmotion (featured) VPS-1000S Los Angeles, USA CentOS 4096 75 (SSD) 4000 19.99 16.65
A2 Hosting (featured) Dynamic VPS Netherlands, Singapore, US CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora Core, Gentoo, Slackware 512 20 2000 5.00 4.35
Copahost SSD CLOUD 0 Germany, Portugal Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora Core 1024 10 unltd. 4.59 3.99
YOORshop SAS VPS SSD1 France, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, UK Ubuntu, OpenSuse, CentOS, Debian, Fedora Core, Scientific Linux 2048 20 unltd. 7.99 6.95
Copahost CLOUD 1 Germany, Portugal CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora Core 1024 250 unltd. 10.35 9.00
Copahost CLOUD 2 Germany, Portugal CentOS, Debian, Fedora Core, Ubuntu 4096 400 unltd. 33.35 29.00
YOORshop SAS VPS SSD3 France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, UK Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, OpenSuse 8192 60 unltd. 34.44 29.95
YOORshop SAS VPS SSD5 France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, UK Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, CentOS, Fedora Core 16384 100 unltd. 57.44 49.95

Memory is the guaranteed amount of RAM in Mb. Some suppliers use virtualization technology that allows more memory in bursts. Disk is he amount of disk space in Gb. Transfer in Gb is he amount of traffic allowed per month. Please note that "unlimited" may involve other types of restrictions. Price is the monthly price based on a one year pre-paid contract including setup fee.

Exchange rates used in conversion: 0.86957 EUR = 1 USD 1.15 USD = 1 EUR

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